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My Best Friend, Sister, and I Wear Selena Gomez’s Jenny Bird Earrings

Mar 31, 2024

They’re even comfortable enough to sleep in.

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Few fashion accessories thrill me like a high-quality, versatile pair of earrings. Doubly so if I see a celebrity donning the same pair — which, TBH rarely happens given my meager, city-dweller budget in comparison to the price point of many stars’ adornments. One delightful exception: The Jenny Bird U-Link Earrings, which have quickly become my most-worn pair. For under $100, they look and feel five times more expensive than they actually are. Plus, Selena Gomez and Eva Longoria own a set, while Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff have donned a larger version of the same style, the Mega U-Link Earrings, per the brand.


It was a fashionable friend who introduced me to the earrings. After I’d fawned over her set of U-Links, she gifted me and my twin sister each a pair of our own for our 30th birthday in February. In the months since, I’ve probably worn the dangles 80 percent of my existence. Plus, now people are starry-eyed over my earrings, which tells me they’d make the perfect gift for virtually anyone.

The Jenny Bird U-Link Earrings are totally timeless, yet they’re an understated, ultra-versatile, on-trend set of hoops. True to the name, they feature a U-like, oblong shape that, IMO, gives a bit of edge over the style’s traditional round shape. The earrings come in two classic colors, gold and silver that are dipped in 24-karats of their respective metals. Each also offers a high-shine finish and durable brass interior.


Despite the sturdy metals from which these earrings are fashioned, they’re surprisingly lightweight, making them almost absurdly comfortable. Case in point: I’ve slept in my U-Links for two weeks straight — without any disruption to my slumber or irritation to my delicate earlobes.

Sleek style and featherweight wear aside, I adore the earrings’ security and worry-free wear. Whereas many dangles secure via an earring back — which, I inevitably lose — these feature a hinge-like clasp, which opens with ease and clicks securely into place.

Shoppers are equally fond of my quotidian hoops. According to one reviewer, who owns the smaller U-links that Gomez, my friend, sister, and I covet, the hoops are the “perfect size and weight.” Moreover, the shopper echoes similar sentiments re: the clasp, calling it a “secure closure.” Another person calls the earrings “stylish” and “comfortable,” while another fan notes they’re perfect for daily wear, yet are “beautiful and substantial” enough to pair with evening attire, too.

For a celebrity-worn, day-to-night earring that’s equal parts comfortable, versatile, and sleek, shop the Jenny Bird U-Link Earrings and the Mega U-Link Earrings, for $98 and $118, respectively. I can almost guarantee they’ll be among the most-worn — and perhaps even the most slept-in — earrings you own.